7s, 15s On Tap For PRP In Vegas

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The Pacific Rugby Premiership will be fully represented at this weekend’s Las Vegas 7s and the Las Vegas Invitational. It begins in the main event with Denver’s Ben Pinkelman and OMBAC’s Will Holder suiting up for the Eagles. They will play Wales and Canada on Friday night before taking on mighty South Africa on Saturday.

OMBAC’s Ben Leatigaga will be with the Falcons in the Men’s Elite division of the Las Vegas Invitational. Leatigaga has been a stalwart for OMBAC over the last couple of years and is breaking into the Eagles in time for the Olympics. Belmont Shore’s Mikey Te’o would also be in consideration for the team but he’s in South America with the Eagles 15s along with teammate Joe Taufete’e.

Various other players from the competition will be playing on teams throughout the Men’s Elite and Men’s Aces division, including on the Denver All-Stars. Additionally, the SoCal Griffins will play two 15s matches against the Pacific Warriors (set for Friday) and the Chicago Lions (on Saturday).

SoCal Griffins Roster: Roland Blackiston, Adam Channel, Cameron Comiotes, Alan Corruth, Tobias Dates, Jeff Diggs, Ryan Dunne, Kevin Estipular, Api Foumai, Nate Henslet, Andy Jackson, Gareth Jones, Shane Kenny, Matt Long, Mafi Malua Seanoa, Conner McCalla, Michael Meaole, Jesse Mechekak, Kameron Moeller, Sione Molitika, James Muse, Keni Nasoqeqe, Peter Niffo, Max Paronelli, Tommy Porter, Brice Schilling, Javan Siliga, Jacob Thomas, Daniel Vaafuti, John Varvara, Jawsh Williams, Badra Wilson, Donovan Wilson, Jabari Zuberi

Coaches: Ray Egan (head coach), Zac Winter, Patrick Rashidian, Justin Boyd, Peter Sio (assistant coaches)

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