Samurai Sportswear & The Pacific Rugby Premiership – Part 1

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Welcome to a three part blog introducing Samurai Sportswear. Explaining who we are and why we choose to become the 2018 PRP Title Sponsor. What to expect from this season and how Samurai will help to add value to the competition. And lastly how plans will develop after year one for future seasons.

It is exciting times in the US Elite Club rugby environment. Although many would label the first and only PRO Rugby season a failure, it gave players the opportunity to experience a higher level of play and focused coaching resulting in advanced player development. Some of those players will now return to the PRP with their improved skill sets and no doubt a number will excel this season and be picked up by MLR teams.

Who is Samurai & Why the PRP?

After our brand launch in July this year, we have been progressively building the Samurai brand in the US rugby community. With a number of teams, represented by college to senior sides, male and female, now wearing the Samurai logo on a weekly basis, the uptake has been exciting.Samurai Sportswear has over 20 years experience supplying top quality custom sports garments, and has become a globally recognized brand, synonymous with rugby. Exeter Chiefs (2017 Premiership Rugby Champions, UK), Sale Sharks (Premiership Rugby, UK) and Bay of Plenty Rugby (Mitre 10 Cup, NZ) are examples of three high profile teams that are proud to partner with Samurai Sportswear.

We made the decision to partner with the Pacific Rugby Premiership based on Samurais on going mission to collaborate with the best organizations, teams and people involved with rugby. The six teams that make up the PRP represent some of the longest standing history, pedigree and excellence in US Club rugby.

Before the PRO Rugby season and now the MLR, the PRP represented the highest standard of Elite Club rugby play. Teams were made up of current and former Eagles, seasoned professionals from over seas and equally as important, experienced coaches. All this infrastructure was made possible by each Clubs investment of their own resources and shared commitment to advancing the standard of play for aspiring players. In the same fashion, the Samurai brand was built from the ground up through hard work and many years of persistence. When looking to develop sponsorship agreements, it is crucial that we share these key traits with our partners.

Importantly, all of the PRP Clubs have genuine programs and/or rugby development efforts. Some have multiple mens teams, some have both mens and womens and others have the full spectrum of Youth through to Senior programs. Growing the game is a huge priority for Samurai and being able to support grassroots rugby though to elite professional rugby is a unique stance that we have actively taken over the years. We hope that though our support, each Club will have the opportunity to grow its programs further.

Being able to represent and support the PRP and its member clubs for the 2018 season is a great opportunity for Samurai Sportswear. Over the course of year one we plan to add value to the competition and further develop the PRP brand. In the next update, we will cover some of the exciting ideas and interactive additions we have planned.



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