Playoff Scenarios

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Life West 7-2-036
Belmont Short7-2-034
Glendale Merlins4-4-124
Santa Monica 3-6-019
SFGG Rugby2-7-015

To help get you ready for the final weekend of regular season play we thought it would be important to give an update on the playoff race team by team.

Glendale (42 points): The Raptors sit in a great position and are almost a near certainty to make the playoffs. All they need is a point against Olympic Club to take a spot in the final. Given how Olympic Club has given up a league high 501 points that seems likely. If they lose and don’t take away any bonus point then they could be put in a position of having to win a tie breaker but they also sit a good position in that regard. In terms of finishing first they need at least four points out of their match if SFGG take away all five.

SFGG (41 points): SFGG are the team in the biggest danger of losing their spot. Belmont Shore can directly overtake them if they come away from Treasure Island with all five points and limit SFGG to no points. However, if SFGG can take away two points they will secure a playoff spot. If they only take away one point and both OMBAC and Belmont Shore gain the maximum points then all three will enter a tiebreaker.

Belmont Shore (37 points): Belmont Shore at least have the opportunity to partially control their own destiny with a win. As mentioned above they need to prevent SFGG from gaining bonus points and they need a maximum point win. They could potentially get in with only a four point win but that leaves things up to tiebreakers.

OMBAC (37 points): OMBAC have one advantage over Belmont Shore in that they won’t be facing another team searching for the playoffs. All OMBAC can do at this point is hope that they take away the maximum points and hope that Belmont Shore only gets 3 points against SFGG with the Bay Area side getting none. They could also get in on tiebreakers if they earn four points and Belmont Shore get four points and SFGG 1. Like with Belmont Shore, if SFGG are able to get at least two points there is nothing OMBAC can do.

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