Rugby for the whole family? You won’t believe how true it is at OMBAC in San Diego

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OMBAC Rugby turns 50 this year and as one of the oldest teams in San Diego tradition, friendships, and pride run strong across generations. OMBAC players consider their teammates as brothers and part of a family that is strongest when the times are rough, uncertain, and trials are daunting. While brothers in name, there are many in the OMBAC roster that are also brothers by blood. In the last 3 seasons OMBAC Rugby has been made up of SEVEN sets of brothers. The sense of brotherhood is undeniable and makes OMBAC Rugby one of the most unique rugby clubs in the world. Jamie Purcell, #9, was quoted, “If you peel back the history of our club, you realize that even though there may be generations of a family hitting the pitch together, that OMBAC is ONE family.” Ben Batger, joined OMBAC with his brother Nick for the 2016 season, went on saying that, “Rugby is on fire in the US right now. The tinder, energy, and atmosphere have been just right for an unforgettable experience.”
The brothers are:
Chris and John Turori
Derrick and Kevin Broussard
Chris and Todd Clever
Nick and Ben Batger
Jamie and Brendan Purcell
Jarrad & Finley Saints
Shane and Gabe Moise (OMBAC Media Manager, non-player)
The team are up for a Guinness World Record for number of brothers that have played for the same Athletic Club. OMBAC Rugby are part of the Pacific Rugby Premiership; a league that boasts and holds true as the toughest competition in the United States. Keep up with their 7s Season and pre-season events by following @ombacrugby ( on Facebook.Get involved and bring a your brother or just a friend and see what OMBAC is all about.

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